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There's a mystique about Cypress Hills in southwest Saskatchewan where elevation takes you into a secret place filled with forests of pine and spruce, mixed with lush fescue grasslands.
Escape into a world of fresh trickling springs, crips clean air, and the sights and sounds of moose, elk and deer. Nowhere else across the southern prairies can you witness changing seasons with so much vigor.
Spring - The smell of fresh fallen rains trickling down on the forest floor brings life to over 700 species of plans and orchids. Over 220 bird species makes the Cypress Hills a bird watchers paradise. Summer - Wake up under the sweet smell of Lodgepole pine. Follow the pathway to the quiet waters of Loch Leven where trophy sized trout await the fly fishing enthsiast. Special events, interpretive programs and guided walks make Cypress Hills a great family destination.
Fall - Take a moment to experience tranquility on Bald Butte scenic vista. Fall colours and panoramic views are highlighted with the cries of the coyote calling or the chilling bugle of the elk. Winter has a solitude all of its own. Pine and spruce shimmer with a blanket of fresh snow. Find yourself at peace among the forest while quietly traversing the hills and trails by showshoe.

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Services and Facilities
" Basic to Full-service Camping available in the Centre Block.
" Equestrian and Rustic Camping available in the West Block
" Campground Reservation available
" All-Season Resort w/ hotel, cabins, condos, lounge, dining & convention rooms
" Leisure Pool
" Golfing& Minigolf
" Canoe and Paddle Boat Rentals
" Playgrounds & Sand Beaches
" Trail Rides & Nature Trails
" Trans Canada Trail
" Restaurants & General Store
" Cowboy Culture and First Nations History
" In park radio CHYP FM 103.7

Campground Reservations:
mail, fax or email after January 1st
Reserve-a-Site phone line
(306) 662-5484 beginning
1st Monday in June

Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park - Saskatchewan
Box 850
Maple Creek, SK

Park Office (year round)
(306) 662-5411
Fax (306) 662-5482

Saskatchewan Ministry of Tourism, PArks, Culture and Sport
Saskatchewan Parks

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