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For over seven thousand years, people visiting the Cypress Hills have recognized the unity and uniqueness of these uploads in the midst of Canada's Great Plains.
With common ecological features, we also share a common history. Satellite images also convey the reality of the Cypress Hills; although separated as three hills, they are similar in their distinctness.
Viewing these fascinating images, one can't easily discern the century old, man-made boundary that separates the Alberta and Saskatchewan sides of this place. And maybe that's a clue for all of us that visit and work here. The signing of the Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park Agreement in August 1989 created Canada's first and only Interprovincial Park. This began a process to improved the cooperation and collaboration between staff from the 3 park agencies found here.
Although the boundaries still exist, the Agreement has caused us all, staff, visitors and resident alike, to minimize any impediments that were formerly associated with the provincial or park boundaries. We have begun to take the long view of the Hills and to recognized what our ancestors didL The Hills are on geographical feature, one very special place, a park deserving of our utmost care and commitment for future generations.


" The signing of the Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park agreement by the Alberta and Saskatchewan governments on August 25, 1989 created Canada's first and only Interprovincial Park.

" In 1997, Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park featured on the Discovery Channel's GREAT CANADIAN PARK series.

" In 1999, Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park won the Federal Provincial Parks Council Agency award for Special Achievement in Canadian Parks.

" The Interprovincial Park agreement amended in September 2000 to formally include Fort Walsh Naitonal Historic Site.

" OLD FORTS TRAIL - an International Trail celebrating the historic links between Fort Walsh, Fort Benton, Fort Assinniboine, Fort Battleford and Fort Whoop Up.

" THE GREAT CANADIAN FOSSIL TRAIL - links "dinosaur" sites and communities across Western Canada and Northwestern U.S.A.

" TRANS CANADA TRAIL - our national trail linking Canada "from sea to sea".

" Saskatchewan Tourism Award of Excellence Winner "BUSINESS OF THE YEAR"

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