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Just off the beaten – or driven – path

Almost midway between Calgary and Regina, Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park offers two different access points – from the Alberta side or from the Saskatchewan side. Either way, it’s a short half-hour drive south from the Trans Canada Highway.




Fort Walsh




Make a Journey of It!

OLD FORTS TRAIL - an International Trail celebrating the historic links between Fort Walsh, Fort Benton, Fort Assinniboine, Fort Battleford and Fort Whoop Up.

TRANS CANADA TRAIL - our national shared-use recreational trail linking Canada "from sea to sea".






If you’re arriving from Havre, Montana, Highway 41 north will take you directly into the park on the Alberta side, while Highway 21 will lead you to the Saskatchewan side.

Distance from turnoff at Maple Creek Junction, Saskatchewan:

  • Calgary, Alberta – 423km
  • Medicine Hat, Alberta – 130km
  • Regina, Saskatchewan – 380km
  • Swift Current, Saskatchewan – 138km


Distance from turnoff at Highway 41 Junction, Alberta:

  • Calgary, Alberta – 325km
  • Medicine Hat, Alberta – 32km
  • Regina, Saskatchewan – 446km
  • Swift Current, Saskatchewan – 184km

Distance to park from U.S. border: 75km