tours & Programs

Tours and Programs

Tours and Programs

There’s so much to see and do in the Cypress Hills you’ll want to plan for a longer stay. Self-guided driving tours will take you through the Centre and West Blocks of the park. Depending on the tour you take, this could take 2 hours or may fill up your whole day.

The driving tour is a nice way to catch a glimpse of much of what the Cypress Hills has to offer. You’ll see places like Bald Butte or Lookout Point in the Centre Block where the views of the prairies below reveal just how high the Cypress Hills really are.

The West Block tour takes you through the GAP Road and on to the scenic Conglomerate Cliffs. You can head to Fort Walsh to experience the life of the early whiskey days and on the return trip stop in at the local winery and museums in Maple Creek.
Step-on Guide service for motor coach tours is available. Tours range from 1 hour 30 minutes to all-day tours. Fees apply.

From spring through fall a variety of programs designed for the park visitor are available. There’s opportunity to learn about the unique qualities of the Cypress Hills at guest presentations, special feature events and interpretive activities. If you’re looking for that fun experience, then come see us. We plan specifically for family fun and learning.

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