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Misunderstanding about a missing horse resulted in a massacre of Nakoda people near the trading post of Abel Farwell on June 1st, 1873. This massacre hastened the organization and dispatch to western Canada of the North West Mounted Police (NWMP). The force established Fort Walsh in 1875 to enforce the Queen's law and express Canada's sovereignty.
Following the arrival of Lakota and Nez Perce refugees after military engagements in the United States, Fort Walsh became NWMP headquarters in 1878. As the great buffalo herds disappeared, Canadian First Nations signed treaties and made the transition to life on reserves. The NWMP abandoned the fort in 1883. In 1942 the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) re-aquired the property for their Remount Ranch. Until 1968 the RCMP's Fort Walsh ranch raised the force's signature black horses for the world famous Musical Ride.
Services and Facilities
" Farwell's Trading Post,
furnished to 1873
" Fort Walsh, furnished to 1880
" Visitor Reception Centre
" Museum & Theatre
" Food Concession & Gift Shop
" On Site Bus Tours
" Interpretive Programming
" Picnic Sites
" NWMP & Civilian Cemetaries
" Fort Walsh Townsite Hike
" Open Mid May - September
" After Labour Day call site for
fall schedule

Fort Walsh National Historic Site
Box 278
Maple Creek, Sask.
(306) 662-2645 (Admin. Office)
(306) 662-3590 (Historic Site)
(306) 662-2711 (Fax)
(306) 662-3124 (TTY Line)

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