Biking is a great way to get around the Centre Block of the park. Winding roadways, connector trails and mountain bike trails provide easy access to many park amenities. Many of the trail heads are located in the core area of the park in the Centre Block. While some trails are designated for hikers only, bikers can check the park trail map for the mountain bike sections along the 27 kilometres of trail network in the Centre Block and 16 kilometres of trails in the West Block.

The West Block trails are multi-use for hikers, bikers and equestrians and have some amazing views with steep challenging climbs. Be on the lookout for equestrians as they have the right of way. The Centre Block offers a variety of scenery on more moderate level trails. Trails are not recommended for inexperienced riders. Please refer to the Trails brochure for detailed information.

No room for packing the bikes? Don’t worry bike rentals are available in the park 1 306 662-2992.

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